Are you worried about your furniture budget? Here is your furniture investment guide.

At a point or another we all become tired of furniture shopping. After all, that’s why some international stores took the furniture experience online isn’t it?

But being tired and confused is something else. Furniture is a big investment choice that a lot of us eventually have to make. Now wether we make right or wrong decisions is matter of assessing our needs. 

Our expert experience in Just Home Furniture will help you decide exactly what to invest in. We have furnished a lot of homes in our years of experience and have encountered numerous ways of thinking.

You will know: what to invest in, what not to invest in and what to invest in according to your personality.

What to invest in.

1. A great living room sofa

We virtually spend at least 60% of our time in the living room. Spending on an extremely comfortable living room sofa is certainly an asset that you will feel in your day to day life. Also, its durability is very important, we all know how our little monkeys can keep jumping up and down the sofa.

2. Kitchen & kitchen design 

Seldom do we change our kitchen or move them from one home to another. If this is your own home and you are not planning to move from it anytime soon, a kitchen will be a great investment. If the kitchen materials are durable and sturdy, and the design is space utilizing and chic; you will be lucky enough to have a great kitchen for a very long time. 

3. Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the second most place you use at home . Investing in a bedroom is definitely worth the money. Add your personal taste to the room and make it a place where you feel most comfortable. Have a durable great looking bedroom, you don’t want a squeaking bed and a lose wardrobe in your daily life. This will increase your stress level and will affect your comfort negatively. 

What NOT to invest in.

1. Tv units 

A Tv unit is not one of the items that have a high traffic usage. They are made to look nice, add decor and maybe used as storage. So invest only what you must, to get the look you want. You are not looking for a TV unit that is guaranteed to stay with you 20 years. You will get bored and will want to change it. Keep it simple, and low budget. 

2. Consoles , corner tables and back sofas

  These items are the icing on the cake, your home will feel empty without them. So what is the best approach?

Definitely allocate a part of your budget to buy them, but you don’t have to pay a lot for every item. Remember, the icing is very important to how a cake looks, but its only icing at the end of the day. Also, as the time passes you might feel the need to replace them to always give you the feeling that your home is fresh and new. So invest only what you must and keep it minimal. 

What to invest in according to your personality.


Unfortunately, great looking dinning rooms doesn’t come cheap. A dinning room is the place that shows taste and reflects a lot about the home owners. So, invest in your dinning, but be smart. If you have two options you can choose to save a little as long as it doesn’t compromise the look.

Guest living

Lets not deny that,wether we like it or not, this is the room that reflects our taste and how classy we are. However, our culture is changing when it comes to this room. Some of us refuse to have locked, unused space of their homes that have only one purpose, “look good in front of the guests”. Where as others still have the traditional mindset of having a beautiful space that have the sole purpose of seating guests for a high tea.

Now if you are the former, you should definitely put comfort as much of a priority as looks. In your case investing will definitely be worth it, and while you are at it, get a TV as well.

If you are later, we would advice you to be smart, because virtually no one will use this room and your real guests, that always visit you, will head straight to the living room. This way you don’t lose a lot of money when you are changing/reselling it.

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