4 Tips to Creating a Living Room Where You Want to Sit and Relax

There’s a reason we refer to our living rooms by that particular name. After all, our living rooms are our living spaces. It’s where we entertain guests and socialize. It’s where we decompress after a long day at work. It’s also our place to gather and talk with family members, or the perfect place to host a game night with good friends.

Whether you’re alone or having company over for a relaxing night, we’ll help you create a space where you can unwind. At Just Home Furniture, we have decades worth of experience helping people find quality home furnishings that reflect their unique personal style. Let us use that expertise to your advantage by providing you our top tips for creating a living room where you can kick back and just sit and relax.

1. It’s all about the ambience

The key to creating a relaxing atmosphere in your living room is to create a soothing ambience that is welcoming and inviting. There are a number of ways to do this. First, consider color. Research has shown that color affects our mood. In order to create a living room where you’ll want to sit and relax, choose soothing colors that will promote feelings of calm and peace.

Consider your personal preferences and what colors you enjoy most. For instance, colors that are commonly found in nature, such as blue and green, are often considered to have calming qualities. However, if green is your least favorite color, you’ll likely want to opt for something else. Secondly, consider the size of your room. Lighter colors tend to brighten smaller rooms, providing them a nice, airy feel. On the other hand, if you have a large living room, darker colors will make them feel more intimate and cozy.

In general, bright blues, greens, as well as lilacs and lavenders will create a relaxing atmosphere. If you want to incorporate soothing colors without a major design overhaul, consider adding some simple touches, such as white candles or throw pillows in colors that will provide a calming effect while also accentuating your home’s current décor.

2. Create a focal point

Once you’ve created a relaxing color scheme, consider how to arrange your furniture so that you have an equally relaxing focal point. For instance, if you enjoy reading a good book and want to create a living space that has a warm and cozy feel to it, arrange your furniture around the fireplace. Keep blankets and throw pillows close at hand in an ottoman.

On the other hand, if you have a large bay window in your home and you’d like to create a bright, airy feel in your living room, arrange your furniture so that you’re facing the window. This will ensure that you have a nice view of the yard. On a quiet, rainy day, you can look out the window from the peace and comfort of your home. On a bright, sunny day, you can open the curtains and let the light filter in. Consider creating a breakfast nook or another seating area near the window where you can just sit and relax while enjoying the great view.

Creating a focal point that’s pleasing to the eye is key to giving your home a relaxing feel. If you don’t have a bay window or a fireplace, consider an accent wall with a beautiful piece of artwork or another aesthetically pleasing image. Think about what you enjoy most about your living room and then create a focal point around that.

3. Lighting is important

Morning reads
Morning reads

Another important component to creating a livable, relaxing space is adequate lighting. It’s key to avoid harsh overhead lighting. Instead, think about how to create mood lighting. If you know you’re going to curl up in front of the fireplace and read a good book, for instance, place a lamp that will provide ample lighting near the sofa. Soft lighting will make the room feel cozy while still giving you the right amount of lighting for nighttime reading. It’s important to have the option of lighting single locations, rather than the whole room. Using dimmers will also help you adjust the lighting to your preference.


4. Display items you love

Once you’ve settled on your color scheme and selected an interesting focal point, de-clutter your living space so that only the essentials remain. A busy, organized space will simply stress you out. So display only items that have sentimental meaning or are aesthetically pleasing. If you want to keep certain items in your living room for convenience, such as books, magazines, or blankets, consider quality furniture pieces that double as storage units. We have a wide selection of stylish pieces that will help you keep essentials out of sight, but close by.

Finally, think about bringing natural elements into your home. Consider how soothing it is to listen to a running waterfall. Or how enjoyable it is to go for a nature walk. Incorporating these elements of nature into your home can be just as relaxing. In fact, studies have found that exposure to natural elements has many benefits. It eases stress, reduces pain, and enhances pleasant feelings. Surrounding yourself with elements from nature will help create the perfect environment to sit, relax, and unwind. Bringing these elements into your home can be as simple as purchasing a plant or hanging a nature painting on your wall. Adding a few inexpensive home décor accents can help you bring the outdoors into your home in a quick and easy way.

Your home should be your refuge, your place to wind down after a long day. Following these tips will help you create the perfect environment to do just that.

If you need some more pointers or want help in selecting the right décor to complement your home’s style, consult with our design team experts. They’ll do all the work so that you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.



Thanks to all those who took the time and the energy to write down any piece of useful information that will benefit us as furniture makers or anyone who is interested. Accordingly we would have the pleasure to acknowledge where we got our information from.

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